This is it! My life in a nutshell!

I am a least I aspire to be one. I want to catch all my dreams and line them up and reach them one by one - well at least that's what the initial plan was. However, as is usual life turned its tables on me too often and too frequently and somehow all order was lost. And boy was it nice??? It was! When nothing goes according to plan - life becomes one joyride where you don't know what is to come next. Now I am not pretending that it was a joy ride throughout - I have had my share of cursing and swearing.. but looking back it always had a rosy tint. The biggest perk of the joyride was that it threw me in the midst of words - and I have been grappling with words ever since then - sometimes written, sometimes spoken - but it's all words, words and words for me! 

Phew! That was a long intro. If I haven't lost you already here's the dope on the rest of me.

I am a freelance journalist based in New Delhi, India. Post a masters in International Journalism from Birmingham City University, I started my career as a radio journalist with the BBC radio in London. I used to say radio is the love of my life - till I shifted full time to writing. It was like re-finding the love of my life. So now I am hook, line and sinker into writing. After an unsavory stint with an Indian daily, I became a consultant. And loved it!

I have a varied resume - from making documentaries for various international radio stations to writing for TIME, Little India, WNN etc. My writing career is actually pretty new - I started in earnest only three years back.  I am interested in issues pertaining to society, development and poverty, women and children, rights and environment. I am a stickler for routine and deadlines gets me going like nothing else!

I love to unleash my creativity in the kitchen too and even if I say so myself I am damn good at it.

Currently I am the co-founder and Chief Ideator of, editor-in-chief of, a citizen journalism website for women.